A New Season

By: Marcia McLean

September has arrived and so has the time to sing! The Swift Current Oratorio Choir fall session begins on Monday, September 12 and we invite all new and former singers to come out and make joyful sounds together! Some people find the name of the choir a little formal—even formidable. We are quite the opposite! Rehearsals are light and enjoyable, and we always leave rehearsal with a smile.

The fall session is the best time to join the choir. We start gently, using warm-ups to get the voice back into singing shape. The past two years of COVID have been hard on singers. Social distancing while singing with masks on has been challenging. Mask wearing is now optional, but we understand if singers still prefer to sit apart and wear masks; that is absolutely fine.

The repertoire will begin with very easy music, selected with a more limited range and fewer technical demands. We will include different styles and genres, so we are sure you will find some favourites in the package. We will continue adding pieces as we move toward the Christmas concert in December.

Do not worry if you cannot read music.The people singing around you will assist you with following your music, and I will point out cues in the music which will help you along. Bring a pencil and eraser and you’ll be good to go. We will repeat the music often to help you learn your parts.

While we have a strong core of all the voices—soprano, alto, tenor and bass—we need new singers to stay fresh and revitalized, especially men, who add so much to the harmonies. So don’t be shy, give us a try!

Please mark Mondays at 7:30 pm on your calendar for Oratorio Choir. We rehearse and usually perform at Zion Mennonite Church—corner of Cheadle and 6th NE. See you on September 12!

Artistic Director

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