A Season's End Message from Our President

By: Mark Anderson

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone that sang with us this winter/spring/winter/winter/spring/winter/season. It was a difficult season for many reasons and the weather was our chief adversary. It seemed every Monday was winter storm day! I know I have never missed as many rehearsals in any winteras I did this year! It was great to get together again, and even masked we made some pretty fine music as we were learning our concert pieces. It was a relief to be able to present a concert without masks!! Illness was always stalking us too and thanks again for everyone that rose from their sick beds and returned to choir. We applaud your efforts! I am sure this is a season Marcia will perhaps try to not muse too much upon.

However, I think we made a great concert and for a small group we made some very lovely music! It was a great selection of pieces and I certainly enjoyed hearing everyone sing together. Everyone, pat yourself on your back for a job well done!

Secondly, it was great to see so many former choir members in the audience. Singing to our peers certainly keeps us on our toes! The upcoming fall and winter season will be our 50th year. It would be so great to see all our past and present singers together again working on this milestone year and spring concert. Recruit, recruit, recruit; that will be our mantra for the summer. Please come and join us and bring a friend or three. Let’s have a full stage and raise the roof….with beautiful music..of course!

Have a great summer everyone!

I think spring will just be a short daily occurrence, so lets hope for summer!

Think SING

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