SCOC Home Rehearsal Recordings

By: Merle Nostbakken

Have you wondered who did the terrific job of mixing the recordings of individual parts made by select members of the Swift Current Oratorio Choir last fall? CHAD KETTERING of Dallas, Texas, volunteered to help us out by using his recording studio to mix and finalize each piece of music.

Photo of Chad Kettering sitting in office

Chad has the skills to do the job: He majored in music in college, and has played trumpet for the Waco Symphony in Texas and the Breckenridge Chamber Orchestra in Colorado. As well, Chad was a teacher to beginner trumpet players in various Dallas schools. In 1997 Chad gave up his life as a trumpeter to become an airline pilot where he currently flies the Airbus A320 for American Airlines.

In addition to his profession as an airline pilot, Chad expresses his love of music as a composer of electronic music. His first album was released in 2008; additional albums were released in 2010 and 2015, all of which can be found on internet music sites such as Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube. Chad’s wife, Kari, a cellist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (and daughter of SCOC members Dale and Merle Nostbakken), can be heard on the 2015 album Pathways.

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