Remembrance Day

By: Mark Anderson

Facebook, and I imagine, all the social media is busy with people sharing pictures and stories of their family members that served in the Armed Forces, some of them paying the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, in any other year, I would be sitting on stage at the Comprehensive School in Swift Current with the Oratorio Choir. We would be preparing for the entrance of the flags, the pipes and drums, the bugles, the youth groups, dignitaries, and most importantly the Armed Forces Veterans. We would be mentally preparing for our part in leading the singing and singing a meaningful anthem to honour all the brave men and women that fought and did their immense part to keep our country free. The annual Remembrance Day service, and like Remembrance Day services all over the country, is a full house. People from every walk of life take the time and effort to honour our brave veterans that ensured we have the freedoms and safety within our borders we take for granted. There are a few scattered uniforms of younger veterans and serving members in the audience, but the front row is reserved for the veterans of the first and second world wars. The numbers in that front row are fewer each year, and still, we gather to honour and remember their role and sacrifices made in giving us our country “glorious and free”.

It has been an honour to be part of the Oratorio Choir as we participated in this Remembrance Service. It is a very small gesture on our part to give back to the community and to remember the sacrifices made that make our wonderful, safe, and secure life in Canada possible.

May we remember them
May we never take our country or our freedom for granted

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